precision concrete drilling

Percussion drilling, Core drilling, Concrete cutting and scanning!

Blue 7 Core Drilling provides a range of specialist services to construction industry. These include, Percussion drilling, Core drilling, Cutting of walls and slabs and Concrete scanning.

Our concrete scanning services include Concrete inspection, Structure inspection and measurement of slab thickness and void location. We have an enviable project list including both leading brands and high-end ventures.

Precision Concrete drilling

Our concrete drilling services include Percussion drilling, Core drilling and Stitch-core drilling.

Percussion drilling
Percussion drilling is an inexpensive, commonly used method of drilling brick and concrete structures. Commonly used to drill into reinforced concrete to secure dowels, it ensures structural integrity without damaging steel reinforcement. Available drill bit sizes range from 6mm to 30mm.

Core drilling
Core drilling is the process of cutting with a cylindrical bit. The cutting edge consists of a diamond composite compound. The circular cutting path finally produces a core of the base material. Core Drilling of base materials may consist of brick, reinforced concrete, granite marble, etc. We can core drill with bit sizes ranging from Ø12mm to Ø800mm.

Machinery may also be oriented to drill at a required path or angle and may also be inverted when vertical downward drilling on flooring, decks and roofing is not possible.

Stitch core drilling
Stitch (core) drilling is recommended where holes of a diameter larger than 800mm are to be drilled. Stitch drilling is the process of drilling a series of holes, close in proximity, forming a perforated line representing the final proposed opening. This process enables cutting of just about any size of opening and there are no limitations to the customizing of the opening shape.

Chemical adhesion anchors
Chemical adhesion of anchors is a resin epoxy solution used to fix anchors, dowels and threaded bars in concrete structures.

precision concrete drilling

Precision Concrete cutting

Our concrete cutting services cover expansion joints, slab sawing, wall sawing and controlled demolition.

Expansion joints
We cut expansion joints into floors and walls. Joint groove widths from 3mm to 10mm are possible, as per our client’s requirements.

Floor / slab / flat surface sawing
Applications include sawing of pavements, roofs, floors, bridge decks, dams, etc. This method utilises guided, walk–behind machines with a rotating diamond blade that can cut linear grooves of up to 400mm deep.

In areas of limited access, smaller petrol-driven saws may be used to produce groove depths of up to 265mm.

Wall sawing
Hydraulic and 3-phase electrical saws are used. Ideal applications include cutting openings for doorways, windows, elevator shafts, air-condition ducting, etc. Cutting may be done to a maximum depth of 730mm.

Controlled demolition
Controlled demolition removed the partitioning of civil structures, while leaving the steel reinforcing, columns and beams in tact. This makes it possible to better envisage renovations.

Combinations of drilling and cutting may be used to meet the client’s exact requirements and create minimal disruption to business.

Chasing is the linear cutting process of two parallel grooves, followed by the removal of material between the grooves by chipping. The machine is configured with an adjacent, double bladed arrangement that is spaced to a pre-set spacing, cutting parallel grooves in a single pass. The machine is connected to a suction pump to ensure minimal dust. It is a quick and ideal solution for laying electrical conduits and water piping in walls.

precision concrete cutting

Precision Concrete scanning

Concrete scanning allows for Concrete inspection, Structure inspection, Condition assessment, measuring slab thickness and void location.

Concrete scanning may be used as a precautionary measure before either drilling or cutting, but may also be used to assess various structures or locate cavities and voids.

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precision concrete scanning

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